Cure For the Winter Blues

Style Tips

Not everyone is lucky enough to live in a climate that is warm year round.  A good portion of people get real winters.  So what do you do to cure those mid-winter blues when you get tired of looking at overcast skies and gray snow?  Hop online, pick a warm destination for a quick getaway and order yourself the perfect new bikini.  Who says they have to be just for summer?  It’s sunny and warm somewhere!

Now, what kind of bikini do you pick for a mid-winter trip to somewhere tropical?  Picking a bikini with colors and prints you don’t usually get to see in winter will help you ease into your warm vacation.  Lively prints, bright colors and florals all work great at brightening up your spirits as you soak up the sun’s rays.  Warm colors are also good, too – especially shades of orange and yellow which have an energetic and happy vibe.  The key to warming up not just your body but your soul when the January blahs set in is to think like it’s summer no matter where you are.  So even when you get back home, grabbing your new bikini and heading to the nearest heated indoor pool can also help, too!

Add Sparkle to Your Micro Swimwear

Micro Swimwear

Micro swimwear is eye catching all on its own just by the nature of the style, but adding an element of sparkle to it takes it to a whole new level.  Whether you bling out your micro swimwear on your own, or buy one with tasteful crystal accents, you really can’t go wrong.  Professionally designed crystal accents obviously give a more polished look than adding those elements on your own, but either way you can achieve the desired effect – a bikini bottom that is hard to miss.  The crystal chain sides on the micro bikini seen here is just one of the ways give a bikini a luxurious feeling.  Other ways include crystal or metal o-rings, crystal-studded designs such as flowers or swirls, and don’t forget the fabric.  Decadent fabrics can make a huge difference in how your bikini looks.  Adding in these small details can elevate your style above all others around you!

Puckered Boy Shorts

Puckered Boy Shorts

A pucker bikini can come in a variety of different styles ranging from thongs to full coverage bottoms.  By adding the flattering puckered stitching to a cut such a boy shorts, it gives the already flirty bottoms an added boost with added backside definition.  Another detail that enhances any body type is the use of bunched or ruched fabric on the sides.  The horizontal lines create a slimming effect on the hips while the low-rise waist helps to elongate the torso.

Create a unique bikini by pairing a boy short pucker bikini bottom with a sporty top for a beach look that’s ready for action, or wear it with a sexy sweetheart top to fully enhance your curves.  While a pucker bikini is meant to draw attention downward, matching it up with a flattering top will balance the look and turn twice as many heads.

Thong Bikinis with Elegant Details

Thong Bikinis

When you hear the words “thong bikini” a certain image tends to come to mind.  While those smaller thong bikinis are still very popular, there is a new breed of thong bikinis emerging, too.  The newer thong bikinis that are emerging have extra elements of style that set them apart.  For example, the bikini seen pictured here has crystal-studded accents added to the thong bottom.  Those sparkling accents along with the pairing of a Sweetheart top give this thong bikini a more luxurious look than a plain g-string thong bikini.  When considering thong bikinis this summer, don’t forget to factor in the gorgeous swimsuits out there like this one.  After all, all thongs are not made alike!

Puckered Brazilian Bikinis

Brazilian Bikinis

Puckered stitching is the hottest new thing to happen to Brazilian bikinis.  With a single puckered stitch running down the center of the backside, this style of Brazilian bottom hugs the contour of the butt creating definition and giving the appearance of lift.  What better way to make an already sexy bikini bottom even sexier?  The front side is usually low-rise but full coverage and joins thin, high cut sides.  Every angle of this enticing Brazilian bikini bottom works together to flatter natural curves and garner a lot of looks.

Of course the bottom gets a lot of attention in Brazilian bikinis, but the top makes a big difference, too.  Choosing the right top for your body is important to having a great overall look on the beach or on your next vacation.  For something with moderate coverage, try a triangle top or a strapless bandeau.  Each has benefits depending on the amount of support needed.  A triangle top will offer more support, but a bandeau offers the added bonus of reducing tan lines which is always a good thing.  Both of these tops balance nicely with the amount of coverage provided by the puckered Brazilian bikini bottom.

Between the flattering puckered stitching and the versatility in style, it is easy to see why this is one of the hottest new looks on the beach.

After Sun Skin Care

One of the most important elements in looking your best in your favorite bikini is healthy, glowing skin.  Healthy skin starts with good genes but proper care can turn average skin gorgeous.  After a long period in the sun, when you were of course wearing sunscreen, cleansing your skin will help rid it of the oil, sweat and dirt of the day.  Be sure to use a gentle exfoliating scrub or sponge to remove dead skin cells that can make skin appear dull.

Following cleansing, it is important to use two different lotions; one for the body and a separate one for the face.  A good facial lotion will not leave behind an oily residue which helps keep pores clear and clean.  And don’t forget something on the lips!  They were exposed to sun all day, too.  The tender skin on the lips needs as much attention as the rest of the face.  A good body lotion containing aloe and vitamin e will help replenish the moisture lost during a day of sun exposure.  Apply evenly and allow it to completely soak into your skin.  If you spend a lot of time with your hands in water, don’t forget to reapply hand lotion over the course of the day.  Hands are known to be one of the first places on a woman’s body to show age.  Using these skincare tips not just after sun exposure but every day will help keep your skin smooth and healthy all year round.

Wet Bikini Bag

You’ve spent all day enjoying the beach, you change clothes to meet the girls for drinks, but what to do with your wet bikini?  Throwing it in your bag will get everything else wet, and you wouldn’t dare ruin your excellent style with a plain plastic bag.  Thankfully there are super stylish bags made specifically for this purpose.

Wet bikini bags are a worry-free way to carry around a wet bikini without getting everything else in your bag wet, too.  Most bags are square or rectangular in shape, with a small handle and a zippered top.  The outside fabric can vary from silk or satin to cotton depending on the designer.  The most important feature of these bags, other than their cute style, is the plastic liner inside.  The liner keeps the water inside while the outside stays perfectly dry.  There are tons of different designs so finding one to match your bikini or your personality shouldn’t be a problem.  From customizable bags embroidered with your name or initials to embellished bags with crystal accents, these bags are anything but boring.  They are small so throwing them in your beach bag or purse is a snap, and all of your other belongings stay nice and dry.  It’s the perfect solution for a woman on-the-go!

A Not-So-Average Bikini Bottom

Bikini Style Tips

Just because a bikini is a bikini doesn’t mean it has to come with a triangle cut top and bikini-style bottom.  Stepping outside of the traditional bikini can be a welcome sight on the beach.  When shopping for a new swimsuit this year, try to think outside the box when it comes to the cut.

When most people think of swimsuit with a skirt, they think about long, figure hiding figure hiding that cover everything from the bustline down to mid-thigh.  While that style can be beneficial to those who need or want it, a swimsuit with a skirt need not cover everything.  A skirt bottom can be quite fashionable and sexy as part of a bikini, such as the one pictured here.  This skirt is obviously quite a bit shorter than the previously mentioned example but the attached panty takes care of any risk of accidental overexposure.  The low-rise waist helps to elongate the torso by sitting right on the hips.  The front is full coverage, but the backside reveals a fun little peek at the cheeks for an updated, flirty look!

Choosing a style such as this one, which can be worn with virtually any bikini bottom, will help set your swimwear style apart from the others.  When it comes to picking the right look for the warmer months, don’t be afraid to venture outside your comfort zone.  You might come up with a whole new you!

Hot Micro Brazilian Style

Micro Swimwear

When it comes to micro swimwear, a micro Brazilian bikini takes the cake.  The two styles individually, micro and Brazilian, make a bold statement with minimal fabric.   Combining those two elements together into the same swimsuit creates a bold new fashion statement.

The emphasis has to be placed on the bottom piece of a micro Brazilian bikini.  The super low-rise front and high-cut string sides provide minimal coverage while the back is almost as revealing as its smaller g-string thong cousins.  The back starts out wide at the top but quickly narrows into a thong bottom.  There is generally a small amount of coverage when it comes to the backside of a micro Brazilian bikini.

To round out your new micro swimwear look, choose a style of top that works best for your body type.  As a general rule, tops that tie around the neck or back will provide the most flexible fit.  Adjusting ties is a quick and easy way to ensure a snug fit, and the thinner straps won’t take away from the real center of attention; the hot micro Brazilian bottom you’re wearing!

Puckered Thong Bikinis

Pucker Bikinis

Pucker bikinis come in quite a few different styles, and among the most popular is the puckered thong.  This sexy bikini bottom has a basic Brazilian shape to the backside, but the addition of the puckered stitch down the center gives this piece a curvier fit.  The backside narrows into a traditional thong bottom showing off a good bit of cheek.  The high cut sides and low-rise front side help this revealing style create a nicely feminine silhouette.

Pucker bikinis, whether a thong or not, can be worn with any style top.  They are most often seen with classic triangle cut tops, but they also work well with most other styles, too.  If you prefer a sweetheart, butterfly or a strapless bandeau, each cut will create its own individual style when paired up with a puckered thong bikini bottom.

It is easy to see why pucker bikinis are increasing in popularity.  This style is sure to be one of the hottest on the beach this season.  It will be a snap to feel confident wearing a sought-after swimsuit that hugs and flatters your curves.