Puckered Thong Bikinis

Pucker Bikinis

Pucker bikinis come in quite a few different styles, and among the most popular is the puckered thong.  This sexy bikini bottom has a basic Brazilian shape to the backside, but the addition of the puckered stitch down the center gives this piece a curvier fit.  The backside narrows into a traditional thong bottom showing off a good bit of cheek.  The high cut sides and low-rise front side help this revealing style create a nicely feminine silhouette.

Pucker bikinis, whether a thong or not, can be worn with any style top.  They are most often seen with classic triangle cut tops, but they also work well with most other styles, too.  If you prefer a sweetheart, butterfly or a strapless bandeau, each cut will create its own individual style when paired up with a puckered thong bikini bottom.

It is easy to see why pucker bikinis are increasing in popularity.  This style is sure to be one of the hottest on the beach this season.  It will be a snap to feel confident wearing a sought-after swimsuit that hugs and flatters your curves.