Wet Bikini Bag

You’ve spent all day enjoying the beach, you change clothes to meet the girls for drinks, but what to do with your wet bikini?  Throwing it in your bag will get everything else wet, and you wouldn’t dare ruin your excellent style with a plain plastic bag.  Thankfully there are super stylish bags made specifically for this purpose.

Wet bikini bags are a worry-free way to carry around a wet bikini without getting everything else in your bag wet, too.  Most bags are square or rectangular in shape, with a small handle and a zippered top.  The outside fabric can vary from silk or satin to cotton depending on the designer.  The most important feature of these bags, other than their cute style, is the plastic liner inside.  The liner keeps the water inside while the outside stays perfectly dry.  There are tons of different designs so finding one to match your bikini or your personality shouldn’t be a problem.  From customizable bags embroidered with your name or initials to embellished bags with crystal accents, these bags are anything but boring.  They are small so throwing them in your beach bag or purse is a snap, and all of your other belongings stay nice and dry.  It’s the perfect solution for a woman on-the-go!