Puckered Brazilian Bikinis

Brazilian Bikinis

Puckered stitching is the hottest new thing to happen to Brazilian bikinis.  With a single puckered stitch running down the center of the backside, this style of Brazilian bottom hugs the contour of the butt creating definition and giving the appearance of lift.  What better way to make an already sexy bikini bottom even sexier?  The front side is usually low-rise but full coverage and joins thin, high cut sides.  Every angle of this enticing Brazilian bikini bottom works together to flatter natural curves and garner a lot of looks.

Of course the bottom gets a lot of attention in Brazilian bikinis, but the top makes a big difference, too.  Choosing the right top for your body is important to having a great overall look on the beach or on your next vacation.  For something with moderate coverage, try a triangle top or a strapless bandeau.  Each has benefits depending on the amount of support needed.  A triangle top will offer more support, but a bandeau offers the added bonus of reducing tan lines which is always a good thing.  Both of these tops balance nicely with the amount of coverage provided by the puckered Brazilian bikini bottom.

Between the flattering puckered stitching and the versatility in style, it is easy to see why this is one of the hottest new looks on the beach.