Add Sparkle to Your Micro Swimwear

Micro Swimwear

Micro swimwear is eye catching all on its own just by the nature of the style, but adding an element of sparkle to it takes it to a whole new level.  Whether you bling out your micro swimwear on your own, or buy one with tasteful crystal accents, you really can’t go wrong.  Professionally designed crystal accents obviously give a more polished look than adding those elements on your own, but either way you can achieve the desired effect – a bikini bottom that is hard to miss.  The crystal chain sides on the micro bikini seen here is just one of the ways give a bikini a luxurious feeling.  Other ways include crystal or metal o-rings, crystal-studded designs such as flowers or swirls, and don’t forget the fabric.  Decadent fabrics can make a huge difference in how your bikini looks.  Adding in these small details can elevate your style above all others around you!