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Puckered Brazilian Bikinis

Tuesday, May 17th, 2011

Brazilian Bikinis

Puckered stitching is the hottest new thing to happen to Brazilian bikinis.  With a single puckered stitch running down the center of the backside, this style of Brazilian bottom hugs the contour of the butt creating definition and giving the appearance of lift.  What better way to make an already sexy bikini bottom even sexier?  The front side is usually low-rise but full coverage and joins thin, high cut sides.  Every angle of this enticing Brazilian bikini bottom works together to flatter natural curves and garner a lot of looks.

Of course the bottom gets a lot of attention in Brazilian bikinis, but the top makes a big difference, too.  Choosing the right top for your body is important to having a great overall look on the beach or on your next vacation.  For something with moderate coverage, try a triangle top or a strapless bandeau.  Each has benefits depending on the amount of support needed.  A triangle top will offer more support, but a bandeau offers the added bonus of reducing tan lines which is always a good thing.  Both of these tops balance nicely with the amount of coverage provided by the puckered Brazilian bikini bottom.

Between the flattering puckered stitching and the versatility in style, it is easy to see why this is one of the hottest new looks on the beach.

Have Fun with Your Brazilian Bikini Style!

Monday, April 4th, 2011

Brazilian Bikinis

Brazilian bikinis are considered among the sexiest swimwear available, but they can also be a lot of fun, too.  The very nature of a Brazilian bikini is its revealing cut.  Adding a whimsical element with something like a brightly patterned fabric or other fun details can give the swimsuit a playful vibe, too.  In the Brazilian bikini example seen here, the multi-colored, graffiti-like pattern with contrasting black trim gives this swimsuit a frisky feeling.

Playing around with patterns, colors and other accents might just give you a look you didn’t even know you wanted from your new Brazilian bikini.  Most people have a tendency to gravitate towards their favorite colors, or a dark swimsuit in the hopes it will be more flattering.  Don’t be afraid to step it up a notch.  Even if it’s brighter or louder than you would normally wear, think of how much attention you’ll get when you’re out in a bikini no one else will be wearing!

Dare to Wear a Brazilian Bikini

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011

Brazilian bikinis are a great option for those women who may want to try a more daring beach style without going all the way with a smaller thong.  If you have the courage to sport this revealing look, it has its rewards.  Along with feeling a sense of liberation at baring so much skin, most will find the cut quite flattering, too.  The low-rise waist, high-cut sides and narrow backside nicely accentuate the natural curve of the hips and backside.

Most Brazilian bikinis come with either a triangle cut, sweetheart or bandeau style top.  All three of these styles work great, but some are better for certain body types.  If you are concerned about support up top, a triangle cut or sweetheart style top is a great choice.  Either top can give you the security you need, with the sweetheart top providing additional coverage, as well.  A bandeau style top is great if you’re not as concerned with support.  Two popular variations of this top are the classic strapless band with straight lines across, tying only in the back, or a more contoured strapless top with a center knot or other gathering piece.  Both of these tops are perfect for tanning as they cut down on tan lines.

With a few different tops to choose, trying a Brazilian bikini won’t be as shocking as you might think.  Buy a top similar to the one you’re wearing now, and it will help you wear your new Brazilian style confidently.

A Cheeky Brazilian Style

Monday, March 14th, 2011

Brazilian Bikini Swimwear

The classic look of a Brazilian bikini is definitely hot enough in its own right, but this flirty, new cheeky look takes the cake.  With puckered detailing down the center of the back, this Brazilian takes on a whole new style by exposing even more cheek!  The way it hugs the curves of your backside means it will offer a super flattering look regardless of your body type.  The back usually falls right at the hip line with string or thin strap sides wrapping around to the classic Brazilian front.  By matching it up with different style bikini tops, you can take this style in any direction you want.  Pair it up with a sweetheart top for a sweet and flirty look that’ll have a lot of heads turning.

The cheeky Brazilian style takes an already revealing look and shows even more skin.  The way the backside matches your curves creates a nice, rounding effect.  It’s the perfect flirty bikini cut for a day of sun and fun.  With the extreme high cut and narrow sides, tan lines will be practically invisible.  What better way to hit the beach than in an audacious new style that is sure to attract a lot of attention from gazing admirers!

What is a Brazilian Bikini?

Friday, March 4th, 2011

Brazilian bikinis have been popular in the U.S. for decades.  Lately this sexy style has started to branch out into a few different variations, but let’s talk about the original; the one that started the craze all those years ago.

What makes a Brazilian bikini is primarily the cut of the bottom piece.  A Brazilian generally has a full coverage front and high-cut sides.  The back is where this style really starts to take its easily recognizable shape.  The back side is much narrower than a traditional bikini bottom.  It starts out wider at the top and then gradually narrows as it goes down, leaving the outer third to two-thirds of your cheeks exposed depending on the particular designer.  A Brazilian bikini bottom is perfect for showcasing your sexy curves, and it’s great for minimizing tan lines, too!

As for the top piece, that’s a matter left to personal preference.  Most Brazilian bikinis are paired up with the classic look of a triangle cut top, but your choices don’t stop there.  If you’re buying your pieces individually, you have the freedom to mix and match according to your own taste.  Whether you prefer a little more support in a sweetheart top, or you like a sleek, strapless bandeau top, each will create its own individual style when matched up with a Brazilian bottom.  It’s super easy to take this swimwear look and make it one of your own.

Stay tuned for a look at some of the other uniquely Brazilian styles out there.  More to come!