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Puckered Boy Shorts

Tuesday, July 12th, 2011

Puckered Boy Shorts

A pucker bikini can come in a variety of different styles ranging from thongs to full coverage bottoms.  By adding the flattering puckered stitching to a cut such a boy shorts, it gives the already flirty bottoms an added boost with added backside definition.  Another detail that enhances any body type is the use of bunched or ruched fabric on the sides.  The horizontal lines create a slimming effect on the hips while the low-rise waist helps to elongate the torso.

Create a unique bikini by pairing a boy short pucker bikini bottom with a sporty top for a beach look that’s ready for action, or wear it with a sexy sweetheart top to fully enhance your curves.  While a pucker bikini is meant to draw attention downward, matching it up with a flattering top will balance the look and turn twice as many heads.

Puckered Thong Bikinis

Thursday, April 14th, 2011

Pucker Bikinis

Pucker bikinis come in quite a few different styles, and among the most popular is the puckered thong.  This sexy bikini bottom has a basic Brazilian shape to the backside, but the addition of the puckered stitch down the center gives this piece a curvier fit.  The backside narrows into a traditional thong bottom showing off a good bit of cheek.  The high cut sides and low-rise front side help this revealing style create a nicely feminine silhouette.

Pucker bikinis, whether a thong or not, can be worn with any style top.  They are most often seen with classic triangle cut tops, but they also work well with most other styles, too.  If you prefer a sweetheart, butterfly or a strapless bandeau, each cut will create its own individual style when paired up with a puckered thong bikini bottom.

It is easy to see why pucker bikinis are increasing in popularity.  This style is sure to be one of the hottest on the beach this season.  It will be a snap to feel confident wearing a sought-after swimsuit that hugs and flatters your curves.

Full Cut Pucker Bikinis

Friday, March 25th, 2011

If you like the classic and coverage of a full cut bikini but still want a little extra something in the way of style, a simple puckered stitch down the backside of the bottom can make all the difference.  A regular full cut bikini bottom is usually either one solid piece of fabric all the way across, or it is two pieces of fabric held together by a straight center stitch.  A puckered bikini takes that center straight stitch and bunches the fabric before being sewn.  By puckering the fabric down the center, the bottom hugs the contour of your backside nicely accentuating your curves.

Pucker Bikinis

A full cut puckered bikini bottom works well with any style top leaving lots of choices to complete this hot swimsuit.  For similar coverage up top, a sweetheart style is a great choice.  Sweetheart tops offer excellent coverage, as well as extra support for women who need a bit more.  Of course, nothing says classic bikini like a full cut bottom with a triangle cut top.  Regardless of which styles you match up, adding a little puckered detail to the back will give your swimsuit a little special something others often lack.

Puckered Brazilian Bikinis

Wednesday, March 16th, 2011

Pucker bikinis are a great way to show off your curves.  Puckering down the center of the rear on a bikini bottom is one of the best ways to accentuate the curves of your backside.  Why not take it one step further and apply the flattering detail to a Brazilian style bottom?  Both the pucker detailing and the Brazilian style are both hot on their own, so when you combine them they are a powerful force.

Imagine the way a Brazilian is cut in the back, with the outer portion of the fabric removed leaving the cheeks mostly exposed.  With a center puckered stitch, the fabric will hug the natural curves of your derriere, adding to the dramatic appearance of a traditional Brazilian bikini bottom.  The rest of the piece remains much the same with thin string or strap sides wrapping around to a low-rise front.

A puckered Brazilian bikini bottom can be worn with any style top depending on your individual taste.  It will look great with a triangle cut top for an update on a classic style, or with a sweetheart top which will enhance your curves up top, too.  Both of these tops provide moderate coverage with support for those who may need it.  If your main concern is tan lines, check out a strapless bandeau top.  They usually cover just the necessities, leaving more of your skin exposed to the sun’s warming rays.

Regardless of which top you match up with your sexy new Brazilian bikini bottom, you’re sure to have one of the hottest looks around this summer.

Great Things About Pucker Bikinis

Monday, March 7th, 2011

Pucker bikinis are perfect for enhancing your curves in all the right spots.  There are certain areas where adding a little bit of pucker can completely change the look and feel of a bikini.  One great area to apply this detailing is on the backside of the bottom.  By adding a center, puckered stitching down the length of the back, your tush will take on a nicely rounded appearance which is perfect for turning heads at the beach.  Adding puckering to the hip areas will help the fabric to hug your curves in a really flattering way, too.

Puckering looks great on most bikini bottoms when applied to the right spot which may vary by cut.  For example, regular and Brazilian bottoms look hot with the center puckered stitch down the backside.  When you pucker the back of these sexy cuts, you end up with the cheeky look that’s becoming more and more popular these days.  Puckering can also be applied to the top piece, too.  It’s great in the center of a butterfly or sweetheart top, and also along the outside edges, too, giving the appearance of an increased bust line.

Pucker bikinis are a nice way to add in some extra fun without taking away from the simplicity of the swimsuit, too.  Sometimes you want just a little more pizzazz without taking the look too over the top.  Puckering is a great way to get that quality in your bikini that will also help to emphasize your best assets.