Spotlight: G-String Thong

Thong Bikinis

G-string thong bikinis continue to be a staple among thong wearers year after year.  The barely-there backside appeals to daring women for a few different reasons.  The biggest reason why some women are die-hard thong lovers is because they love to show off their sexy bodies.  Thong bikinis are among the most daring choices in swimwear.  Wearing one of these revealing swimsuits loudly proclaims the woman wearing it is not afraid to be bold.  These tiny bikini bottoms are also perfect for those who want to avoid tan lines as much as possible.  They usually have a low-rise front with string sides and a string backside.  In addition to style and convenience, many women consider thong bikinis to be the most comfortable, too.  Without much fabric to potentially feel binding, thong bikinis almost feel like you have nothing on at all.

Have Fun with Your Brazilian Bikini Style!

Brazilian Bikinis

Brazilian bikinis are considered among the sexiest swimwear available, but they can also be a lot of fun, too.  The very nature of a Brazilian bikini is its revealing cut.  Adding a whimsical element with something like a brightly patterned fabric or other fun details can give the swimsuit a playful vibe, too.  In the Brazilian bikini example seen here, the multi-colored, graffiti-like pattern with contrasting black trim gives this swimsuit a frisky feeling.

Playing around with patterns, colors and other accents might just give you a look you didn’t even know you wanted from your new Brazilian bikini.  Most people have a tendency to gravitate towards their favorite colors, or a dark swimsuit in the hopes it will be more flattering.  Don’t be afraid to step it up a notch.  Even if it’s brighter or louder than you would normally wear, think of how much attention you’ll get when you’re out in a bikini no one else will be wearing!

Brazilian Bikini Wax Aftercare

Aftercare is a huge part of making a waxing experience pleasant and rewarding.  You’ve already made the decision to go with a Brazilian wax, done your research and found a reputable spa or salon and, most importantly, gone through the temporary discomfort of having the actual wax procedure.  So, what next?  Most spas and salons that are worth patronizing will offer good aftercare advice, but here are some tips to keep you smooth and irritation-free.

For the first 24 hours or so after your Brazilian wax, your skin will likely be slightly irritated.  If you have especially sensitive skin, this can last up to 48 hours.  If you’re still irritated after this period, you should check with a health care professional as it could be an allergic reaction to the product(s) used.

Once the irritation has subsided, the most important factor in keeping your skin smooth and irritation-free in that area is to use a proper moisturizer.  The best moisturizers to use are ones containing soothing ingredients such as witch hazel and aloe vera.  Do not use scented or overly heavy moisturizers as these can both clog and irritate pores in such a sensitive area.

Another important factor is to exfoliate the waxed area at least a few times a week.  Use a product that is gentle to avoid any abrasions to the skin.  Again, when working in such a sensitive area, it’s important to use the proper products and tools.  If you want to use an exfoliating scrub, be sure to get one with a fine grain so it won’t irritate the skin and always scrub gently.  Loofah sponges work great to exfoliate, as well, but be extra careful that it’s clean before using it down there.

Those are the two biggest and easiest ways to keep your Brazilian bikini wax smooth and avoid unsightly (and painful!) bumps from irritation or ingrown hairs.  Here are a few other things to do for the first 24 hours that will help you maintain smooth skin between waxes.  Wear loose fitting clothing such as a skirt and only wear cotton underwear, if you need to wear any at all.  Avoid spray-on tans and tanning beds, massage oils and lubricants.  Try to avoid exercising as the motion and sweat will cause irritation to the area, and also avoid places like pool and hot tubs where chemicals are prevalent.

Following these easy tips should help keep you smooth and carefree all bikini season long!

Bikini Care Facts You May Not Know

We’ve already covered that your bikini should always be hand washed in mild detergent, laid flat to dry and stored properly for longevity, but there are still a few things you need to know to keep your swimwear in tip-top shape.  For instance, did you know that…?

  • It’s important to rinse your bikini out with tap water after getting out of salt water or a chlorinated pool or hot tub.  Salt and chlorine are two of the biggest enemies in maintaining the like-new appearance of your swimsuit.  Most beaches and some pools have an outside tap where you can quickly accomplish this, but otherwise make sure to do it as soon as you get home.
  • If you wore your swimsuit during high activity, such as a rousing game of beach volleyball, it’s also important to rinse your bikini in tap water as soon as possible.  Salt and oils produced through sweating will break down the elastic in your new swimsuit.
  • Even after rinsing your bikini, it’s still important to wash it with a mild detergent after each use.  Suntan and sunscreen lotions and oils can quickly build up in the fabric, especially around the edges and on the straps or strings.  This will break down the integrity of the fabric which will make it lose its shape.
  • The best way to remove excess water from your bikini after washing it is not to wring it out.  Instead, roll it up in a towel which will help alleviate any crimping in the fabric.  After you’ve removed the excess water, it’s ready to lay flat to finish drying.
  • It can take up to 24 hours for a swimsuit to fully dry.  Keeping more than one bikini on hand will make sure you never have to miss a day of fun because you’re still waiting for the one you washed last night to dry.

These are just a few extra tips to help you keep your bikini in the best shape possible.  Swimsuits can be expensive, so anything you can do to make it last longer will just stretch your bikini budget even further!

Wearing the Right Bikini Top

Bikini Style Tips

One of the most important factors in buying a bikini is obviously which style works best on your particular body shape.  Busty women face one of the biggest challenges when buying a bikini.  It’s important to have plenty of support up top, but most women don’t want a bikini top that resembles the bra their Grandma wears.  The goods news is there are a couple of sexy options out there for you ladies!

A bikini top that ties around the neck, back or, preferably, both will give you the most flexibility with fit.  Depending on the size of your bust, the classic look of a triangle top can be an excellent “first stop” when shopping bikini tops.  For this style, in addition to strings that tie, another good option to consider is adjustable cups.  This will allow width of the cups to be adjusted by sliding them along the bottom string.

If a triangle top doesn’t seen like it would offer enough support, another great option is a sweetheart style top.  This cut offers even more support with wider straps that tie around the neck and back.  The wide straps provide a lot of support, and the ties allow for a more personalized fit.

Either of these tops are excellent options when you need a bit more support in the bust area, and they both go well with whatever style bottom best suits your personal taste!

A Look at Micro Swimwear

In today’s swimwear fashion world, the term “micro bikini” can refer to swimsuits with varying degrees of coverage.  Sure, they’re all minimal in nature, but don’t assume because a bikini falls in the micro category that it will be nothing more than a few pieces of string.  It’s easy to become intimidated by this revealing style, but it may be a surprise to know there are micro swimsuits that cover at least a little something.

Micro Swimwear

The bikini seen here is a great example of how sexy, micro swimwear can still provide some coverage.  The bottom is the most revealing of the two pieces in this swimsuit.  It is a true micro thong with a narrow front, string sides and, of course, a string backside.  While the front is narrow and does reveal a little extra skin than a typical thong, it does offer a little bit more fabric than some of the smaller micro thongs out there.  The top is classic triangle cut top which doesn’t reveal anything more than it would if paired with a different bottom piece.

Micro swimwear isn’t so intimidating after all, is it?  The key is shopping around until you find the right micro look for you!

Full Cut Pucker Bikinis

If you like the classic and coverage of a full cut bikini but still want a little extra something in the way of style, a simple puckered stitch down the backside of the bottom can make all the difference.  A regular full cut bikini bottom is usually either one solid piece of fabric all the way across, or it is two pieces of fabric held together by a straight center stitch.  A puckered bikini takes that center straight stitch and bunches the fabric before being sewn.  By puckering the fabric down the center, the bottom hugs the contour of your backside nicely accentuating your curves.

Pucker Bikinis

A full cut puckered bikini bottom works well with any style top leaving lots of choices to complete this hot swimsuit.  For similar coverage up top, a sweetheart style is a great choice.  Sweetheart tops offer excellent coverage, as well as extra support for women who need a bit more.  Of course, nothing says classic bikini like a full cut bottom with a triangle cut top.  Regardless of which styles you match up, adding a little puckered detail to the back will give your swimsuit a little special something others often lack.

Spotlight: Whaletail Thong

Thong Bikinis

Our next spotlight in thong bikinis is on the whaletail thong.  This style is a nice choice for those women who like the idea of a thong, but they’re not quite sure about going all the way with a g-string.  The amount of coverage falls about halfway between a full cut bottom and a smaller thong bottom such as the g-string, so it’s a good place to start.

A whaletail thong bikini bottom has a low-rise front with thin string or strap sides.  The sides wrap around to the backside which is high-cut across the tops of the cheeks and forms a wide v-shape at the top that narrows to a thong.  This style can sometimes have a puckered stitch down the back to add contour to the rear.  Whaletail thong bikinis offer a bit more coverage while still showing off enough skin to keep up the sexy thong reputation.

Dare to Wear a Brazilian Bikini

Brazilian bikinis are a great option for those women who may want to try a more daring beach style without going all the way with a smaller thong.  If you have the courage to sport this revealing look, it has its rewards.  Along with feeling a sense of liberation at baring so much skin, most will find the cut quite flattering, too.  The low-rise waist, high-cut sides and narrow backside nicely accentuate the natural curve of the hips and backside.

Most Brazilian bikinis come with either a triangle cut, sweetheart or bandeau style top.  All three of these styles work great, but some are better for certain body types.  If you are concerned about support up top, a triangle cut or sweetheart style top is a great choice.  Either top can give you the security you need, with the sweetheart top providing additional coverage, as well.  A bandeau style top is great if you’re not as concerned with support.  Two popular variations of this top are the classic strapless band with straight lines across, tying only in the back, or a more contoured strapless top with a center knot or other gathering piece.  Both of these tops are perfect for tanning as they cut down on tan lines.

With a few different tops to choose, trying a Brazilian bikini won’t be as shocking as you might think.  Buy a top similar to the one you’re wearing now, and it will help you wear your new Brazilian style confidently.

Bikini Wax Styles

When considering a bikini wax, it’s important to understand there are a few different variations.  Which waxing procedure you want depends on personal taste and the reason why you’re getting waxed.  Spas and salons often times have their own names for these procedures, but the basics break down something like the following.

A regular bikini wax is the tamest of them all.  This version removes only the hair that grows outside the panty line.  If it’s your first time getting waxed, this is a great place to start.  It’s a fairly quick and painless process that just cleans up the edges which is perfect for most full coverage swimsuits.

A full bikini wax takes the regular bikini wax a bit further.  The hair along the sides is waxed further inside the panty line, and often times the top is also waxed to create a smaller triangle area.  This is a popular choice for women who prefer to keep some hair but also like things nice and tidy down there.  Since the hair is removed from outside areas only, this process is still fairly quick and painless.

A French bikini wax is more in depth than the full bikini wax.  All hair is removed from the front side, including the delicate areas.  Sometimes a small strip of hair is left at the top called a “landing strip.”  This procedure is a bit more thorough and can cause some temporary discomfort.

A Brazilian bikini wax is as bare as you can go.  All hair is removed front to back.  That’s right, even on your backside.  A small strip of hair in the front is also often times left with this style, as well.  It’s normal to expect some temporary discomfort with this procedure, especially if you are not used to it.  If you’re sporting some of the skimpier bikini styles this summer, a Brazilian is the carefree way to go.

These are the basic variations of a bikini wax, but be sure to ask your favorite salon or spa which ones they offer.  Not all places offer all waxing procedures, and even if they do they may call it by a different name.  Familiarize yourself with their staff, procedures and most importantly, cleanliness, and you should be well groomed in no time!